Income tax for foreign artists?

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Income tax for foreign artists?

Beitragvon MyFestival » Mo 13. Apr 2015, 14:45

Hey! I am organizing a small performing arts festival in Germany this summer. Every artist or group of artists receives a small fee for their performance (€ 100 - € 500) - many of the artists come from abroad. I heard that the fee of the non-German artists is taxable in Germany and that I - as the organizer - have to pay "Ausländersteuer", foreigner tax. Is that true? Does that apply to artists based in the EU and outside the EU alike?

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Re: Income tax for foreign artists?

Beitragvon Eselsbrücke » Di 28. Apr 2015, 21:44

Yes it applies to you. But there are some exceptions:
If your Artists get 250 or less per performance they are free of Ausländersteuer. But if they get more (e.g. 300 euros/show), you have to pay the Ausländersteuer for the whole fee.

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