Job description for visa in Germany

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Job description for visa in Germany

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I wanted to share some info here concerning the question if a job description of the German employment agency is needed for a visa in Germany, cause I came acroos this question several times lately.

So, from my experience, I can say that a job description is not needed, yet the job centres do not know. Many regional employment agencies give out the respective form and create insecurity amongst artists. The form is meant for non-artistic professions, as the agency always has to check whether a vacancy could be filled out by a registered job-seeker in Germany. In the artistic field, a cast is always an artistic decision and therefore the form is not needed for a visa application.

When a foreign artist is to be engaged, a beforehand agreement of the ZAV (the German International Placement Services of the Agency for Employment) should be obtained. The ZAV will examine the contracts and documents and can give advice. It also supports in case a regional authority will be obstructive. An issued beforehand agreement spares a lot of red tape and speeds up the procedure immensely.

Maybe that helps somebody or other...
Best, Pat

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Re: Job description for visa in Germany

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